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Prevent Unwanted Tagging in Facebook

Many would have knew the term "Tagging" in Facebook and here are some easy ways to change the settings to prevent unwanted tagging.

Tagging is one of the features in Facebook which allows a anyone or a friend to tag his/her friend in a photo thereby it shows up in tagged member timeline which allows other people to view it and can perform further actions such as liking, commenting..etc

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How Tagging can become an issue?

I see a lot getting tagged by one's friend and even anyone can tag by searching one's name while tagging and imagine what might be the case, if you are tagged in by some spammers or some other person? and imagine if you are tagged in some unwanted picture which is related to you or in some random image irrespective of you being present on it.. Well this might be the cause where most of them might have come across.

This leads to problem when it comes to the fact "That particular Photo shows up in your Facebook timeline and thereby your friend can view it" and it might be an embarrassing moment for you.

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Simple Steps to enable Timeline Review control to review tagging

Here are few simple steps on how to review a tag done by other person, so that it can be reviewed by you and then can make sure whether it can be allowed on your timeline or not by enabling Timeline Review Controls.
  • There you might see two sections
                - Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline? (and)
                - Review tags people add to your own posts before the tags appear on Facebook?

Enable Timeline Review to prevent tagging
  •  By default it should be "OFF", It should be "ON" and to enable it, Go to "Edit" option and select the option "Enabled" from drop down option for above two sections. (Refer the above screenshot)

Done, Now if anyone tag you in any of the photos or post, you can review it from "Timeline Review" Section and it's up to you to decide whether it should appear on your timeline or not.. Well this might help when one of your friend tag you in a photo where you might look Ugly ..(Just for fun) and if you wanna get embarrassed from your Facebook friends, this may help..

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