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Moto G Forte is now Available in Mexico

Motorola has revealed Moto G Forte, The rugged version of Moto G is now available in Mexico and listed on Motorola's Mexico website.

Before reading further, Don't assume that this is a newer version of Moto G which is less exciting for any Moto G Fans but rather it's a Moto G with a rugged Grip Shell case pre-installed, Which makes the Phone more protected thus justifying the word "Forte" means "Strong" in Italian.

moto g FORTE

 Below Quote as mentioned in Motorola Mexico website -

Moto G Forte is designed for everything you want to do. Your Motorola Grip Shell with rubber frame provides improved grip and impact protection.

Although the Grip Shell is offered for an extra $19.99 in the US, Motorola wanted to make sure this Masterpiece to come up with Grip Shell in default, which would rather attract lots of Mexican users to go for it blindly rather looking up for some other case or buying the Official case separately.

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As the Grip Shell is rubberized “for extra grip and protection against impact”, I feel this is a great move from Motorola but as an ardent Moto G Fan, I am rather slightly disappointed that there is nothing new in actual phone.

The Grip Shell case is also available for purchase directly via Online from Motorola Store here. But as of now Moto G Forte is available only in Mexican Telecom Nextel Mexico.

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Please feel to share your comments below about this move from Motorola.

Source: Motorola Mexico

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