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Moto G Price in India for INR 15,990 and 17,990

Cheap and Affordable Android Phone - Moto G is being shipped starting from December 2 in US, UK and Canada and Indian users can order it via eBay India.

For all those in Western Countries who have ordered Moto G last week would have got their pieces today but Indian Android fans who wait for this Phone should wait till January to get their hands on it as Motorola has planned to release it after a month.
 Moto G
 Moto G - Cheaper Android Phone Released

But as i was looking for Moto G today in web, I found Moto G is up for purchase in eBay India from one of the seller and here's the price for it.

Motorola Moto G - 8GB Global GSM - Rs. 15,990
Motorola Moto G - 16GB Global GSM - Rs. 17,990

Corresponding to the Dollar - Rupee price conversion, It's costing extra 2k approx for 8GB model and 4k more for 16GB (both approx) considering taxes and custom duties. Just Search in eBay India and you get the price. But Officially Moto G will be released on January and we can expect a lesser price than this, but not sure. But folks who like to get it now, can order it right now from eBay India.

Hope this article would shed doubts for all Indian users who like to buy Moto G.

Image: Motorola

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