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Nexus 5 and 7 Listed on Google India PlayStore

Google's latest Release Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 have been listed on Indian Play Store and People thronged to book it.

Its a big treat for all Indian fans who were waiting to get it booked after it has been released in US some months ago. Also Nexus varieties which has huge popularity due to its quality and being released by Google, People rushed to order the phone and tablets.

Nexus 5

Nexus as Google says the fastest and Slimmest one ever made runs on latest Android version 4.4 KitKat.
It comes on two variants 16 and 32 GB available both in White and Black color. As i checked now, Black color is not available but can see it's available sometimes (Hope people order it once black Nexus is available). Price Details as shown below:

Nexus  5 (16 GB) - INR 28,999.00
Nexus  5 (32 GB) - INR 32,999.00

Nexus 5 on Google Play

Nexus 7

Nexus 7 Tablet is available in both 16 and 32 GB Variants with 16 GB in WiFi and 32 GB available Both in WiFi and LTE Unlocked. 16 GB (WiFi) available for INR 20,999 and 32 GB (WiFi) for INR 23,999 and LTE Unlocked for INR 27,999

More Info on Nexus 7 in Google Play store.

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