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Send Facebook Stickers to your Friends via Chat

 Facebook has introduced Stickers to its desktop chat, so that users can send Big Attractive stickers while chatting.

Facebook Sticker Store

Stickers are already available in Facebook's mobile applications, But it has rolled out the same to desktop chat and can be accessed from the Smiley section of Facebook chat. If one tries to chat with a friend via chat box  and go through Smiley icon which is just next to image icon of chat - which is used to send images via chat , couple of sticker heads can be seen.

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Further check out the Sticker Store which is located in the right extreme to have a better view of more stickers and can either "Preview" each Sticker Set and click "Free" to enable them so that they can be viewed in Smiley section. 

Despicable Me 2 Sticker Set in Facebook

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Lots of  Stickers are available including the recent movie Sticker - "Despicable Me 2" Stickers. Other Sticker Sets available were Meep, Mango, Hatch, Napoli, Bun, Wide eyes, Skullington, Beast, Prickly Pear, Banana, Happy-go-lucky, FirstMate, Tiger Bell, Pusheen and Despicable Me 2. So totally some 15 Sticker Sets are available and people who are fond of Stickers can have a great time sending them to their friends while chatting.

Hope this one makes the Facebook experience more interesting and attractive.

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