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How to Enable SMS Notifications for Google+ Hangouts

Google+ users can now receive messages from Google+ Hangouts as SMS, when you are idle. Here are the detailed steps to enable them.

Google+, as everyone aware is a social platform from Google which allows users to share stuffs of their friends and folks whom they follow and can make hangouts with them and some more. Its already making a buzz in internet from the time it's been launched and seen as a main competitor against Facebook.

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Google Hangouts is something the integral part of Google+ which is nothing but chat feature where one can make conversation fellow Google+ folks and can make video calls otherwise similar to Facebook chat and message feature.

Urgency Matters in Messaging:

The interesting part is people wont always be Online in Google+ or any other social media platforms. But when they are idle, if someone sends messages to their Google hangouts but they are idle, chances are very less that particular person may read the messages been sent from opposite party. For instance, If there is an urgent message which needs to be sent or some picture which needs to shared to your friend, But if your friend is Idle or Offline, how will they get to know and with seriousness of message concerning, this doesn't makes any sense or the term - Instant Messaging (IM)

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SMS for Hangouts

So Inorder to get rid of this, Google has enabled an option such that people who are in Google+ can add up their mobile number so that they get notified via SMS when Google+ hangouts tries sending out a message only when they are idle, so that they get notified instantly fills the gap resolving all emergency concerns. This feature is called as "SMS for Hangouts"

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Facebook already has this feature and it works in a very smooth manner and i am already get used with this and people who are very active in Google+ "MUST" enable this feature, so that they they are interconnected with Google+ connections or hangouts.

How to enable SMS notifications?

Please go ahead of below steps to enable SMS notifications and feel free to share your comments regarding this.

  • Head over to this URL which asks you to enter and verify your mobile phone number for Google+ Hangouts SMS.
Verify Mobile for Google+ hangout SMS

  • Select your Country and Enter the Mobile Number and Click "Send code" to verify your mobile number. (Not available in US and European Countries and Available only in Some of the Asia and African countries) .Check the below screenshot.
Receive Google+ Messages from SMS when Idle
  • Once verified, You see the page as shown in below screenshot where you need to Select the option "When I am Idle, Send messages to my phone as SMS" and done. It gets saved automatically.

Hope these steps will be useful for those Google+ Freaks and please feel free to share your views through comments below.

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