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Google Shut Down SMS Search, It's no more

Google is shutting down some of its services with Google Reader the one in another few days and now it was SMS Search for Mobiles which has been quietly shut down by Google.

Google SMS Search is one of the great SMS Service for Mobile users with no data plan or Internet plan to use, which helps them fetch some real time results, scorecards and some more just by sending out a SMS to its Number - 466453 (for US Residents) and 9773300000 (for Indian Users)

google SMS Search

This Service was really a useful one for many who rely on SMS to get the latest updates and especially people in United States rely heavily on this service to get Weather updates and i was using this service some time back and must say it was quite amazing and instead of browsing and doing a quick Google Search, getting notified via SMS is always quick and easy to get the necessary info.

But what more shocking is that Google shuts down this service all of a sudden without prior notice and yet an official announcement has to be made and this news seems to known from Google Product forums and acknowledged by other SMS Users.

SMS Search has been shutdown. You can continue to search the web at google.com on any device.

When tried to send a request via SMS to Google SMS Search Number the above message is the One which i receive and also when tried to access SMS Search Page, which shows 404 Error Page and considering the smartphone growth and usage by everyone, Google might decide to go for next level by dumping some legacy services such as this one, But most people still rely on SMS based service which  very well make their life much easier by getting the required info which they need.

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