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Enable Mobile Phone Notifications for any Suspicious activity on your Google account

Make sure to enable Mobile Phone notifications to your Google account if there are any important changes to your account such as suspicious activity or password change.

Google has beefed up it's security all the way in past few years such as 2-step verification, where you enter the secret code received in form as SMS or Call to your mobile phone and thereby authenticate the login process.

Similar to the above, there is an option to receive notifications if there is any suspicious activity in your Google account such as if some one is trying to login to your Google account by brute force method or by any other ways and if some one trying to changing your Google account password without your knowledge.

And the method is quite simple and safer as you receive notifications from Google in form of text message and email to your Primary and Secondary email address in form of instructions needed to safe guard your Google account.

How to Enable Mobile Notifications?

Here are the detailed steps to enable Phone notifications and make sure to comment your views once it's enabled.

  • Under "Notifications" Feature in Security tab, You may see the check-box not selected under "Phone"

  • By default, Email alerts are enabled and for Receiving SMS Alerts, mobile Phone needs to be verified and enter your Mobile number and verify it through security code sent.

  • Once your mobile has been verified, Both the options are enabled for selection and the process is over.
Enable Phone noticiations for suspicious activity
Enable Phone notifications to receive SMS on Account's Suspicious activity

Sample SMS notifications from Google for Password change.

Google Account xxx@gmail.com: Password changed. See google.com/password

How cool is that, Google Just notifies you off any unwanted or suspicious activity and this in-turn help anyone to secure one's Google account instantly and make sure to change the mobile number if its changed to receive notifications promptly.

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