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Enable Google+ Comments on Blogger

Blogger Admins can now enable Google+ Commenting System on their Blogger Account to replace the default commenting system.

Google has introduced some major changes to its services, especially to Blogger such as Major change to HTML Editor and now it has made a great step by integrating Google+ Account to Blogger Account, thus
Readers who owns a Google+ page or profile can only comment on Blog which has Google+ Comments enabled.

Migrating from existing Commenting System to Google+ Comment System is rather easy and check for the below steps and also learn some of the advantages in migrating to Google+ Comments.

Google+ Comments
Google+ Comments

Important Steps to Consider before Enabling Google+ Comments:

  • Blogger Admins who owns a Blogger Account Should first make sure by moving to/from a custom domain or change your blog's URL - This is Important Step.
  • Blog Author's who have a great visibility or more incoming traffic from Google+ via Sharing the posts, Can Opt for Google+ Comments as comments being posted under individual Google+ Posts or Shares will now appear under Blog post which has Google+ Comments enabled thus bringing in multiple conversations together in one place. 
  •  Consider twice before switching, As lots of commenting platform available and each has it's own advantage and unless your blog traffic depends mainly on Google+, It's not wise to switch, but if the blog has the existing Old commenting system, then sure can go for Google+ as it has some advantage provided with Sharing and traffic.

How to Enable?

Enabling Google+ Comments means, Migrating from Blogger Profile to Google+ Profile and then enable the comments via Google+ tab and select the appropriate blog's (if more than One) and make sure to Select "Use Google+ Comments on this Blog" as shown in below image.

Enable Google+ Comments to Blogger Account
Enable Google+ Comments to Blogger Account
Source: http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2013/04/bringing-google-comments-to-blogger.html

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