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Watch 144p Resolution - Ultra Low Quality Videos on YouTube

YouTube, The Famous Video sharing site from Google, Visited by more than 1 billion Unique users monthly Offers video's on a wide range of qualities and now it offers video's at Ultra low quality resolution of 144p.

YouTube Video can be viewed from resolutions ranging from 240p - 1080p. Anyone who has viewed a  YouTube video has an option to change the resolution to below types.

1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p, 240p

This gives more advantage to the users as their Internet Plans may be different and even bandwidth where they can switch over the video resolution to low quality if the bandwidth is very slow at that moment or their Internet plan as mentioned previously.

144p low quality Resolution
144p low quality Resolution 

As far as the Video's are considered, I feel 240p resolution is better and not only me for most of the users concerned the Smooth Streaming, Since the video starts loading at default 360p or mp4 quality and users tends to change it further to lesser resolution - 240p or flv quality only in case if they wants the video's to be streamed without Interruption.
Video Resolution in 3GP Quality - 144p

When i am just going through one of the Video on YouTube and as I tried to change it to lesser resolution Say 240p, I can see 144p option as shown in above screenshot and literally when tried to stream the video under it, All I can experience was a video with 3GP quality or mobile resolution. And one more thing, Users don't want the video to get struck while streaming and changing the resolution to 144p even makes the life easier, But need to get used to the video quality provided as it may not be good since it streams at Very less Bit rate.

144p Provides Smooth Video Streaming provided the quality is Very Ordinary due to lesser Bit rate

But there isn't any official announcement from YouTube and above to all this option isn't available for every Video's, But very few video's as reported by Internet users in forums and Other websites.

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