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Search Google for iPhone and Android Applications

Mobile Applications have gone so wild nowadays and people are more fancy about various mobile applications especially with iPhone and Android Apps.

Mobile Apps and its Importance

iOS and Android are most famous mobile OS which powers maximum Smartphones all over the world and that's the reason, I have mentioned these specific OS Apps in this blog post. If you are a person with an iPhone or Android powered Mobile, then obviously you must be having a lot more apps installed in your mobile :)

Apps are similar to programs installed in our PC's. What if there are no Software's in your machine?.. Well that wont be possible, since somehow we ought to install some stuff, if not at least install some demo programs and work on that !!

Apps are most essential part of mobile similar to DNA in human body :) (My Opinion). And from the last para mentioned, Applications are far more essential to anyone who holds a Smartphone because they Entertain, Increase productivity, Add value and So on..

Google Search for Apps through App Search Tool

Every Smart Phone users Searches for Mobile Apps either iOS/iPhone, Android or Windows App through web and there are lot more ways to search.

For eg. iOS Apps can be Searched from Apple iTunes library and Android Applications can be found from Google Play as everyone knows.

Google has an option called "Applications" which can be found below Search bar, If not found, Just Click "More" drop-down and Applications can be Seen. Before Searching for the App, Select Applications and Search for Application Name.

Search Specific Mobile App
Search Specific Mobile App
The Application Searched can be seen and addition to that Applications can be Searched more specific with "Search Tools" which lists some specific option for Category (Applications) selected.

In this case as seen in above screenshot, The specific options related to Applications are:
  • Any Price
  • Any OS  (and)
  • Any Source

Price   - Search for Free or Paid Mobile Applications. 

OS     -  Search applications related to operating systems like  iOS, Android, Windows and Windows Mobile

SourceSearch specific to Source of Apps - Predominantly Apple.com (Apple iTunes library) and google.com (Google Play).

Search Tools - Apps
Search Tools - Apps
Just like Searching the web for other info, App Search can be done in easy way as mentioned above.

This App Search Tool from Google restricts our Search for App such that the appropriate app can be found very easily, This Saves tremendous amount time instead of Searching individually on iTunes library, Google Play store or Windows App Store.

Also Windows users can use this option for Searching Windows Apps with the launch of windows 8, Where Windows apps can add more value for the users.

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