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IE10 Compatibility View Settings Tweak

There are some minor tweaks for performing better compatibility view in Internet Explorer 10 and can be done easily.

IE_LogoSome websites won't load properly in some Internet Explorer and well everyone might have noticed that and  can see a broken icon to the right end of the IE Address bar and every time if you are navigating through some web link you need to click the compatibility view icon for a better browsing experience.

Add or Remove Websites to Compatible View:

Earlier in Internet Explorer 8 and below versions, Users need to manually go for the above step for better view of websites, But in IE10, there is an option for adding or removing the websites to be displayed in Compatibility View. This can be achieved in below steps.

Go To IE10 Menu Bar - If the Menu bar is not visible, Press "ALT" and can View the Menu Bar.

ALT - Tools - Compatibility View Settings (ALT + T +B)

A Pop-up window appears as shown in below Screen Shot. 
You can add the Web sites which you feel should appear in Compatibility view and can remove them if not required.


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Debug in IE 10  Compatibility Mode and in IE Versions 9-7

And if you are a developer, who tests the application in Older IE Versions such as IE 8 and if needs to be tested in IE7 or IE10, Here is the solution - IE10 Developer tools have all Browser Modes from Internet Explorer 10, 10 -compatibility mode, IE 9, 8 and 7.

For an application to be tested in various IE Versions, this is the best choice option if you have an IE10 installed with Windows 8.

IE 10 DevTool_Compatibility

Press F12 - Developer Tools - Browser Mode:IE 10 and Select the appropriate Mode and Close the tool bar. (Refer the above screenshot)

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