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How to Surf or Access Internet Without any Browser

What if the browsers installed in your PC stopped working due to some issues. Don't you feel frustrated?..

And you badly need to access internet .. well don't worry and here is the solution to surf the web which i am gonna elaborate here.This is not about accessing internet via browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari..etc) as i already stated above.

There are some ways to "Search the internet" with some inbuilt options in Win XP as shown in screenshot below which ultimately redirects your search query to your default browser or Internet explorer thereby you have access to browser or your browser is working fine.

search internet-windows

 How to Surf Web without access to any browser:

Here are the step by step instructions to show the way for accessing or to surf internet and its through "Help Topics" section available in Windows utilities or tools such as "Paint, Notepad, Calculator, Sound recorder.. etc." Probably many of us would have noticed Help section most of the windows tools

Go to Help Section as shown in below screenshot: - Below Screenshot Shows Help Section of Paint
Help Topics - Paint

You can view the windows of appropriate Help section.

Right click on Title Bar and you can see the same as shown in the below screenshot

 Right Click - Titlebar

Click "Jump to URL.." option and a small pop-up window opens with option as "Jump to this URL:" as shown below in the screenshot below:
 Jump to URL - TitleBar
Now all you got to do is Type the URL with "http"

For Ex: "http://www.google.com" or any other link which you directly want to surf or access it. Refer the below screenshot for any doubts.

 Feed URL in textbox

And navigates to the URL which you type and that's it .. Now you can surf the web without access to any browser.

Surfing via Jump to URL

This tip works on Windows Operating system especially Win XP and i am not sure this will work in Windows 7 or 8. Will Check and let you folks know.

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