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Explore Human Anatomy Map in 3D Model view.

Now Explore the Human anatomy structure in 3D Form and learn internal body structures and other functional parts and organs via map. And 3D form gives more clear view on different forms of body such as respiratory, Digestive, respiratory, nervous, muscular..etc

3d body maps:

Especially students or Medical practitioners can learn via visual form and anatomical terms of body explained very clearly in 3dbodymaps by Yahoo health.

Also it gives you a 360 degree view of human body using play-pause player option for more ideal view an option to look at Male/Female anatomy.

For example, If you navigate through respiratory system of the body, it separately lists the organs associated (Lungs) to the left hand side and can navigate to the respective organ and it gives a much clear view of lungs and when you hover over the Lungs it highlights the different parts of lungs. (superior, Middle and Inferior Lobes..)

organ view

Link: http://health.yahoo.net/3dbodymaps


BodyBrowser, a Google labs feature previously now changed to zygotebody is another beautiful website which gives a clear anatomical view on Human body.

Zygotebody works in some limited browser versions such as firefox 4.0, Chrome and Opera 12 alpha.

Just like 3Dbody map from yahoo, but no such 360 view player but navigation button such as right,left, top, bottom and zoom in and zoom out options for ideal view on anatomy.
Link:  http://www.zygotebody.com/

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