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"Error Performing Inpage Operation" on Hard drive - [How to Solve]

Recently i encountered this problem that whenever i tried to open my External Hardrive, I
came across this error message “H:\ is not accessible, Error Performing Inpage Operation”.

error_inpage operation

I am sure most of them might have come across this problem and hope below solution might solve the issue, When i encountered this problem, i did a quick search in google and most people advised to go for new replacement rather trying with error prone external hard drive.

Even at that moment, i even thought my old data was lost and in fact i was looking for some data recovery tools and other solutions to recover my data from hard drive. (probably a complex process :P)

Also When i was navigating to Disk Management (Storage) utility under Computer Management, I was  noticing for Errors in hard drive the file type was empty rather (FAT/NTFS) and free size as full disk size, which worried me as i thought the hard drive was corrupted or data should have been erased completely.

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What is Inpage Error?

  • Physical problems on the diskette media, and is probably unrelated to paging operations involving the Windows paging file

  • The error message can also mean that your drive is in bad state with some bad sectors which is the reason.


Here is the Easy way to Solve "inpage error" or "Error Performing Inpage Operation" by below step.

But this simple tip might be easy to trouble shoot and take bit too long (depends on disk size and amount of errors)

Start > Run > type in cmd then click OK to get a command prompt.

Type chkdsk e: /r (replace e: with the drive letter of your external hard drive with the error).

Also you could use a /f instead of /r. /r attempts to recover bad sectors. /f tries to fix bad sectors. /f does not try to repair. so you would have more data loss, but if its that bad its another option. /? will show all options

Might not work if drive is full, needs room to recover files. it will let you know if that happens.

Do share it below if any of you encounter issue similar to above or any HD Related issues.

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