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Report Offensive Images to Google

 As Google has been making image technology Swirl from labs it has started to add an option in it's Google Images page "Report Offensive Images" to prevent some relevant images being showed in SERP.

Report Offensive images_google
As 2 days back some offensive images of Michelle obama is shown on Google image search results and google has apologized for this and  released the following statement.

And you could Report Offensive images that could be examined by Google, since search displays are random and they cant do with this.

It doesn't require any Google authentication to remove the Offensive images as required for promoting the Site in SERP. just any one, if they see any Offensive images, select those images on check boxes and report them ...thats it ....The Images goes out of the search..

select and remove offensive images_Google

May be Google takes to it's consideration and displays relevant one.
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