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[How to]Change extension for multiple files at a time (Simple DOS trick)

Here this is a cool stuff which i tried and quite interesting and can be done simple using DOS format.

[For Ex]This can be helpful especially if you have movie file parts say some 7 parts of zip files or .SVN file. You got to change these file extension to .rar  format so as to extract into a single file.

Also change any formats to any formats for multiple files since this takes just a second rather changing extension for all files take a huge amount of time.

Follow these tricks:

  • Just keep all the movie files or zip files in a separate folder Say C:\mines

  • Now move to DOS command prompt by Start>Run>Cmd

  • Go to folder where you have those zip or movie files using “cd pathname” Ex cd mines

  • Also you can check the contents to verify that you are in the destined folder using DIR command that displays all the contents of zip or movie files

  • After that Type or Copy  this command “rename *.* *.rar”  [ without QUOTES ] into DOS prompt. Check the above Screen-shot.

  • Replace rar with any extensions say .txt, .mov, .avi …..Just to view the change

  • Check out the destined folder..it replaces all the files to the format you mentioned in DOS prmpt..[Here .rar ]

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