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Essential Freeware utilities for Windows

There are some small sized freeware utilities which are essential and may helps in basic desktop activities and gallery activities which will will be useful to everyone..

All freeware's developed by SmoothDraw


          This freeware utilities helps in creating Icon files just by simple drag and drop images into it and generates the Icon file in its resolution.

This program generates down-sampled 32x32, 24x24 and 16x16 levels automatically. It will also generate the 128x128 level if your source image is equal to or larger than 128x128.


            A freeware utility to enlarge any graphical images from 100 to 400 Zoom percent without any zig zags.Just have a try.

 Quite many graphic formats are supported. SmoothView uses special smooth stretch tech.

Tiny Virtual Piano

                          Use keyboard as piano to play nearly 128 kinds of instruments.

Small size software utilities worth a try..

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