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Check the location of the website's server

There are some ways where you can check the Location of website's server and this can be useful in case you need to check even your own website's location or it's domain, ISP..etc

Domain Resolver:

              This is one of the freeware utility where website's location can be viewed even it displays the City name for certain websites using their IP address.

Also check for a particular URL by clicking "Add Entries" or Bulk of URL's by importing a text file of more URL's using "Load List".

Flag Fox:
                         Firefox Add-on used to check for the site location just embed it in your browser and here u go..when ever you visit a website it shows the location of the website's server by the country flag it right end of the browser's navigation bar..

Just Move your Cursor to view the location details and Right Click  for other extra information on website details.

It uses relatively little resources, and works by accessing an IP address location database contained within the extension rather than relying on top-level-domain roots like ".com" or ".uk". Clicking the icon loads Geotool, which provides a map of the location as well as more detailed information such as the ISP, city, and local time.

Link: www.flagfox.net

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