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Microsoft Photosynth..

picture view in microsoft photosynth
Photosynth is a software recently released on August 20,2008 by microsoft for public so that you can upload ur photos and view them in different angles and in 3D view .

Microsoft released a free tech preview version on November 9 2006, however, users could view models generated by Microsoft or BBC but not create their own models at that time. Microsoft teamed up with NASA on August 6 2007 users to preview its Photosynth technology showing the Space Shuttle and other satellites.

The online viewer is quite intuitive and allows you to zoom in and out, move around the picture and also go through the pictures in a 3D slide show mode. One nice feature is that you can also go full screen, which is really the best way to showcase your photos.
You can also embed a copy of your synth on any website and email a link to your friends.
The animation in Photosynth is astonishingly smooth and our screenshots really can't do it justice. If you haven't seen it yet, you should watch Microsoft's demo of Photosynth at TED2007, which will give you a good impression of what the final product looks like.

Visit this official site:http://photosynth.net/

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