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Tips & Tricks For Google's ChromeHere is some cool tips for the just-released Chrome. Some of these are extremely useful and are sure to enhance your web browsing experience.

1. Right click the forward or back button to check the list of sites you recently visited.

2. Chrome has a built-in basic converter for basic conversions. Just type in "7 feet in cms" and look what you get!

3. Press Ctrl+Shift+T to open the last closed tab. (Works for Firefox as well)

4. Click and drag the bottom right corner of a text box to increase the text area.

5. Right click, select Inspect Element to get details on resources used by elements in the web page. These include images and scripts loaded.

6. You can drag and drop an open tab to get a new window.

7. To search within a web site that supports Open Search, simply visit that site and enter the domain name again - which becomes a keyword in itself. Once you do that, you will see an option to press tab. Press tab and then enter your search query to execute your search!

8. Right click the address bar and select Edit search engines to change the default search engine. Depending on your location, Chrome also lists local search engines. Like Guruji in our case! Cool!

9. You can drag and drop a downloaded file directly from the browser to any folder or location of your choice.

10. Another interesting tip is to run a web page as an application. Let's assume you wish to run Google as a standalone application, separate from the browser. All you need to do is the following. Open Gmail in Chrome -> Go to New -> Select Create application shortcuts. You will get the option to create a shortcut for Gmail directly. You can save the shortcut to your desktop and directly access Google by clicking the Gmail icon from the desktop. This can happen for any web page - Twitter, Orkut or Facebook!

Those were some tips we thought you may find useful. Watch this space for more tips on Chrome.

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